"Why Am I SO Tired?"

This common question plagues virtually every adult without an intentional energy strategy in place.

Are you constantly feeling drained, lacking the energy to fully embrace life's opportunities? You’re not alone! It's time to uncover the reasons behind your fatigue and regain control over your well-being. 

In this course, we will explore a comprehensive variety of the most common energy-sapping lifestyle choices that we may unknowingly make every day, preventing us from living our most fulfilled lives.

Fatigue can stem from various factors, including diet, sleep patterns, stress levels, physical activity, and more. Throughout this course, we will delve deep into each of these areas, shedding light on the detrimental choices that can impact our energy levels and overall well-being. By raising awareness and providing practical solutions, we will empower you to make informed decisions and reclaim your vitality.

What will be the takeaways?

As a result of this training, you’ll gain:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the most common energy-sapping lifestyle choices.
  • Awareness of how these choices impact your well-being and energy levels.
  • Practical strategies to overcome fatigue and regain vitality.
  • Knowledge of optimizing diet, sleep patterns, stress management, and physical activity for increased energy.
  • The ability to make intentional choices that support your overall well-being and lead to a more fulfilled life.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course, you will possess the knowledge and tools to identify and address energy-sapping lifestyle choices. You will be equipped to make intentional decisions that support your well-being and lead to a more fulfilled life filled with vitality and purpose.

Don't let fatigue hold you back from living your best life. Embark on a transformative journey towards renewed energy, vitality, and a life brimming with fulfillment. Take charge of your well-being and unlock your true potential.

Who is this for? This training is expertly designed to benefit:

  • Individuals experiencing chronic fatigue or low energy levels.
  • Professionals who feel burnt out no matter how much rest they get.

  • Those seeking to understand the impact of lifestyle choices on their energy and well-being.

  • Anyone interested in reclaiming their vitality and living a more fulfilled life.

Who is this not for? This training won’t hit the mark with:

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & Introduction

    1. Keep Your Thoughts For This Course Organized!

    1. 7 Nutritional Deficiencies That Might Be Making You Tired

    2. 7 Reasons Getting Plenty of Sleep Is Important

    3. Here are 5 Simple Tips to Get Better Sleep Tonight

    4. Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Deficiency: What You Need to Know

    5. Stop Feeling Tired and Fatigued with These 10 Energy Boosting Foods

    6. Don't Give Up Now - You're Halfway There!

    7. The Difference between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Just Feeling Tired

    8. Tired? Always Lacking Energy? It Could Be Diabetes Knocking at Your Door

    9. Tired? Exhausted? Worn Down? Drink More Water!

    10. Why Are You So Tired? This Energy-Sapping 6-Letter Word Might Be to Blame

    11. Your Nightly Smartphone Usage Is Making You Tired During the Day

    1. You've Reached the End of This Training!

About this course

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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Karen Demmery

International Transformational Coach

Meet Dr. Karen Demmery, the driving force behind Burbirra Academy! With over a decade of experience in training, facilitation, coaching, and counseling, Karen is a passionate and enthusiastic leader dedicated to transforming lives. Her postgraduate qualifications in Trauma and Recovery, Health and Healing, and a Masters in Indigenous Health, coupled with her recently completed Ph.D. from the University of Canberra, showcase her innate dedication to studying and teaching the tools that create true life fulfillment. Karen's mission is to offer resources and strategies that are a perfect blend of her lived experiences and academic knowledge, delivering high-level, informative, and life-altering results. Through the resources available by Burbirra Academy, Karen's genuine care for the wellbeing of people shines through, ensuring everyone has the best possible chance to live their best life. Discover the transformative power of Karen's simple delivery of transformative expertise, and embark on a journey of growth and empowerment with Burbirra Academy.

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Learn how to take back your energy from secretly sapping sources!