In today's fast-paced world, it's all too easy to get caught up in the chaos and lose sight of what truly matters.

But imagine a life where you can effortlessly be present, fully engaged, and perform at your best in every aspect - be it your work, relationships, or personal endeavors. 

It’s possible when you become invested in the moment!

The benefits of mindfulness extend far beyond increased focus and presence. As you delve deeper into this training, you will unlock a newfound sense of inner peace and joy. You'll learn to navigate stress with ease, enhance your emotional intelligence, and cultivate deeper connections with yourself and those around you. Imagine waking up each day with a renewed sense of purpose, gratitude, and enthusiasm for life.

"Embrace the Moment" is not just another self-help course. It's a transformative experience that will empower you to break free from the shackles of distraction and embrace the full richness of each moment. 

What will be the takeaways?

As a result of this training, you’ll gain:

  • A deeper sense of self-awareness

  • Improved focus and concentration

  • Enhanced emotional well-being

  • Increased resilience and stress management skills

  • Greater appreciation for the present moment

What will you gain?

By engaging in this course, you can expect to gain a multitude of valuable assets. You will develop a deeper sense of self-awareness, allowing you to understand your thoughts, emotions, and reactions with greater clarity. Through mindfulness practices, you will improve your ability to focus and concentrate, enabling you to be fully present in each moment.

Additionally, this training will support your emotional well-being by helping you manage stress, cultivate compassion, and navigate challenging emotions with resilience. You will gain a newfound appreciation for the present moment and the beauty that surrounds you, fostering a sense of gratitude and contentment.

Ultimately, this course empowers you to enhance your life by embracing mindfulness. You will learn practical techniques to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine, leading to a more fulfilling, balanced, and joyful existence. Embrace the power of living in the moment and unlock the full potential of your life.

Who is this for? This training is expertly designed to benefit:

  • Individuals who want to reduce anxiety and improve their overall mental health.
  • Busy professionals seeking to enhance their productivity and work-life balance.
  • Anyone interested in cultivating mindfulness to experience more joy and fulfillment in life.

Who is this not for? This training won’t hit the mark with:

  • Individuals who are already well-versed in mindfulness practices and techniques.

  • Those who are looking for specialized training on a specific aspect of mindfulness outside the scope of this course.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Karen Demmery

International Transformational Coach

Meet Dr. Karen Demmery, the driving force behind Burbirra Academy! With over a decade of experience in training, facilitation, coaching, and counseling, Karen is a passionate and enthusiastic leader dedicated to transforming lives. Her postgraduate qualifications in Trauma and Recovery, Health and Healing, and a Masters in Indigenous Health, coupled with her recently completed Ph.D. from the University of Canberra, showcase her innate dedication to studying and teaching the tools that create true life fulfillment. Karen's mission is to offer resources and strategies that are a perfect blend of her lived experiences and academic knowledge, delivering high-level, informative, and life-altering results. Through the resources available by Burbirra Academy, Karen's genuine care for the wellbeing of people shines through, ensuring everyone has the best possible chance to live their best life. Discover the transformative power of Karen's simple delivery of transformative expertise, and embark on a journey of growth and empowerment with Burbirra Academy.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & Introduction

    1. Keep Your Thoughts For This Course Organized!

    1. 3 Misconceptions about Being Present in The Now

    2. 3 Reasons and 3 Ways to be Present

    3. 17 Inspirational Affirmations to Help You Be Present and Live in The Now

    4. Embrace the Moment – There Is No Future

    5. For More Productivity and Better Outcomes Stay in the Moment

    6. Don't Give Up Now - You're Halfway There!

    7. Live in the Moment and Stop Overthinking Things

    8. Living a Mindful Life Leads to More Happiness And Higher Self-Esteem

    9. Living in the Moment Means Accepting Things As They Are

    10. Practice Meditation to Embrace the Present

    11. What's More Important: The Journey or the Destination?

    1. You've Reached the End of This Training!

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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